Your Secret Weapon

Junk Juice isn’t the first drink to give you energy. But it’s the only one that’s also giving you focus, clarity, confidence and calm. 

Think: getting amped in a balanced way. Without it wearing off at 2pm.

Junk Juice works by targeting the reason behind your fatigue and anxiety. It works to level out your hormone levels, balancing your blood sugar, regulate your digestion, and repair your immune system. So that you’re actually healing your body as you drink it.

Junk Juice Formulas

Kirsten Jordan of MDL

Junk Juice makes me feel like Superwoman. It boosts my energy and productivity and keeps my mood balanced while I navigate the intensity of my day. If you want stress relief and enhanced performance, you need this in your arsenal.

The secret to Junk Juice is in the formula

Our JUNK JUICE blends are thoughtfully crafted using the evidence of modern research with the wisdom of ancient traditions. The magical mix of ingredients draws from formulas that have existed for thousands of years spruced up with a modern twist. Junk Juice is designed to enhance focus, deepen sleep, boost energy, banish bloat and lower stress and anxiety.


Traditionally used to treat digestive disorders, anxiety and depression. In Junk Juice, Bupleurum is used to boost the immune system while reducing anxiety and depression.



Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine on the spleen and stomach to improve digestion and support body function. In Junk Juice, Atractylodes works to regulate your blood sugar (providing more sustainable energy), sooth digestive issues, and protects the liver so it can continue to do its job of reducing toxins in the bloodstream


More than just a pretty flower! The powerful Peony is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, and we’ve leveraged that in Junk Juice. Its anti-inflammatory qualities are used in Junk Juice to reverse the effects of aging, reduce pain, and relax your muscles. This, in turn, works to level out your hormones and improve digestive and liver health.



Also known as the Red Date, this spicy little herb helps protect the brain — reducing insomnia and improving learning and memory. You’ll know it’s Ziziphus in your Junk Juice when you start sleeping better and are less forgetful.



This herb is proven to be an adaptogen — meaning it helps your body quickly adapt to stress. But it has more uses than just that! In Junk Juice, we leverage its adaptive qualities to reduce fatigue, improve energy and endurance, and smooth out anxiety and stress.



Because of its antioxidant effects, Astragalus is well-known for its anti-aging effects. We also use it in Junk Juice for its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting qualities. Studies have also shown Astragalus to be helpful in shrinking tumors for cancer


five star rating

This stuff is AMAZING. Such an improvement in mental clarity. And ability to do the stuff I wouldn’t usually do like taxes and admin! It made me so energized to sort out shit.


five star rating

OMG I love it! This junk juice is life changing! What is the secret ingredient?! This is what I've been missing my whole life....


five star rating

My afternoon slump is gone! I can get so much more done!


five star rating

Junk juice is the best. My cravings are non-existent when I drink this stuff. After only a few days, I’m much less bloated and feel much lighter.


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Note from our founder

Over the years of seeing patients, there have been common threads time and again – anxiety, stress, low energy, brain fog, and weak digestion. Since many of my patients lamented taking a fistful of pills, I set out to develop a single formula to address their woes. Lovingly referred to as “junk juice” due to the murky nature of the beverage, these cocktails are backed by 20 yrs of proven clinical results.

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