What is in JUNK JUICE?

JUNK JUICE is a line of proprietary blends designed to make you look and feel fabulous. Choose from one of our signature blends or have one made just for you. Steeped in the wisdom of Traditional Eastern medicine but with a modern twist, these formulas address our modern-day concerns. Our blends contain as few as 2 herbs and as many as 21. Examples of ingredients include astragalus, licorice root, and peony.

Will it taste bad?

Highly likely! However, the dazzling effects of the herbal formula outweigh its earthy taste. In fact, JUNK JUICE is also offered in capsules, which are great for avoiding any issues that can arise from the flavor.

What is the shelf life?

If purchasing in liquid form, the shelf life is around 30-60 days. If planning to keep liquid packs longer than 30 days, store them in the fridge. If purchasing in capsule form, the shelf life is 2 + years.

How should I store JUNK JUICE?

At room temperature. Out of direct sunlight.

When should I expect to see results?

You might feel better immediately, for some it takes a week or two. Both capsules and liquid forms are best consumed on an empty stomach for most effective results.

Are there any side effects?

Sometimes one could experience changes to digestion, sleep or mood. Most often these are positive changes. If you don’t feel the signature formulas address your concerns, we suggest trying our Bespoke formula as we can customize it for your individual needs.

Where is JUNK JUICE available?

JUNK JUICE capsules are available worldwide!  The liquid form is only available in the United States.


All ingredients in JUNK JUICE are FDA approved!

What are capsules?

The encapsulated version of JUNK JUICE granules aims to please. Very convenient to tote around and user friendly to boot. Note: Consume 3-4 capsules twice daily.

What are tear packs?

This is the OG version JUNK JUICE. The formula is cooked for hours in filtered water to draw out the goods from the herbs. It is then vacuum packed and sent right to your door for immediate consumption. Note: Best consumed on an empty stomach 1-2 packets daily, spaced at least 3-4 hours apart. Store in fridge or at room temp. Shelf life 1-2 months.