Egg Quality


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Egg Quality

Making a baby is the most special of all endeavors. Yet sometimes it is more challenging than you could have ever imagined. Herbal medicine is a powerful ally in your quest for a baby and we aim to bring you the magic through this fertility-boosting blend. Combining thousands of years of clinical trials with the evidence of modern research, our EGG QUALITY formula has helped many a pre-mama realize their dream of a baby.

Choose this formula if:

  • you have egg quality issues

  • you are over the age of 35 yrs

  • you have not had success with IVF


Wanting to avoid the taste but still benefit from the effects? The encapsulated version of JUNK JUICE granules aims to please. Very convenient to tote around and user friendly to boot. Note: Consume 3-4 capsules twice daily.

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120 capsules, 2oz Tincture, 4oz Tincture


Shu di, Shan zhu yu, Shan yao, Fu ling, Gou qi zi, Du Zhong, Tu si zi, Dang gui, Sha ren, Huang qi, Ren shen, He shou wu, Ze xie, Chai hu, Bai zhu, Yuan zhi, He huan pi, Yi mu cao